Does Ultimate Translation translate books as well? If yes, then what type?

Yes. We do translate books, but only completed ones. Please submit only books that have been finished writing with by the author. Also, bear in mind that the storyline has to be good enough, otherwise, the resulting Book Translation will also lack the required impact. We would also advise you to not send different versions of the same original book. All this would make it very comfortable for any editing during the final cut.

Does Ultimate Translation provide professional editing services?

Yes we do provided professional editing services, but it is a separate process. The client needs to specify that the outset, before start of the services.

In case the translation service required is between languages using different character set, for example Arabic Russian, Japanese, Chinese Translation, etc. then the client needs to specify their choice of transliteration.

Does Ultimate Translation provide Certified Translation services?

Absolutely Yes! We provide certified translations for different categories of documents. It is not necessary to translate each and every category of document. It would be prudent to enquire with the appropriate government authorities or any independent professional as to where exactly is the translation to be used. Any special requirements to the translation also need to be enquired into.

We charge an extra fee for every document verified.

What is the process of final delivery by you to the client?

We deliver the translated content by the well-known modes of communication as Email, Post or Personal Delivery. Any changes that might be needed, as a result of any review action on the part of the client will be fully serviced by us.

How shall I make the payment? What are the payment options?

You shall make the payment in any of the following modes:

  1. Paypal
  2. Visa Card / Master Card / Maestro
  3. Internet Banking
  4. Bank Transfer
  5. Cash On Delivery