You speak a language, we write it for you

With the advent of globalization, a lot of new business opportunities crop up. This necessitates the need for translation and transcription services. Many Multinationals from non-English speaking countries want to create a global presence by way of expansion. Needless to say, their business information, which is originally in their local language, needs to be converted into English, to be at par with the world. Transcription resolves this need.

Is Language Transcription different from LanguageTranslation?

Language Translation involves converting words or text from source language to the targeted language. Language Transcription is the representation of human speech into a written form like text. Ultimate translation transcribes audio and video files into a desired language, extensively covering areas
like medicine, journalism, education, law and media. We are committed to delivering excellence in quality and timely completion of the undertaken projects.

Your Experience with us

We have an experience team of language experts who have a strong command in English as well a plethora of languages. They are committed to meet the highest level of expectations of our esteemed customers. A second round of checks on the first cut, ensure that nothing is left out of the process and quality is maintained.

We undertake Language Transcription of audio/video files in the following format (the list is not exhaustive):

  1. WMV
  2. AVI
  • MSV
  1. DVF
  2. FLV
  3. WAV
  • MP4
  • WMA
  1. MP3
  2. MOV

The resulting Tran scripted material gives an excellent impression of the original audio/video without any unnecessary information, whilst maintaining the gist of the audio/video.