Legal Translation

Legal Translation, the expert way

We have been delivering quality legal translation services for years now. The proof of the same is reflected in the loyalty displayed by our reputed, well-known clientele who are enjoying long-term associations with us.

The legal translations are handled by well-experienced and educated legal translators, having complete command in the targeted language. Hence, results strongly reflect accuracy and precision, in a speedy and economical manner.

Below is a list of areas to which our legal translation extends to (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Court Document Translations
  • Legal contract Translation Services
  • Notarized translation services
  • Legal document Translation services
  • Official Document translation
  • Law: General
  • Law: Contracts
  • Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights
  • Law: Taxation & Customs
  • Statements
  • Legal correspondence
  • Sales contracts
  • Certificates
  • Tenders
  • Appeals
  • News coverage