Our Process

We follow a highly professional process in our translation business.


All documents submitted by the client are kept absolutely confidential and private. We do not share the same with anyone for any reason. Once the translation is complete, the same returned back to the client, as they are.

Prospective clients can sign a confidentiality agreement with us, if required by them.

Content Submission

We allow two modes of submission of documents to us were translation purposes, electronic submission or physical delivery.

For electronic submission, the same can be done by the client and most of the popular digital file formats followed universally. They can be sent by e-mail or submitted to our website (a form on our website is specifically made for that purpose).

For physical delivery, clients can note down our office address in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia mailing purposes. Clients need to intimate us to fix an appointment to the time of submission of physical documents.


Our fee structure is based on different criteria, as mentioned below:

  • Category of translation (medical translation, legal translation, website translation, pagan translation, etc.)
  • Actual content to be translated in terms of words and sentences
  • Number of languages in which translations are required
  • Number of translation is required in total
  • Need for certification for legal matters
  • Time period within which the translations need to be achieved

Submit some sample documents to enable us to give you an estimate of our fees for the entire project. To get the best estimates, kindly submit all the documents. We also offer discounts for bulk projects (for example, more than 20 pages of translation).

Turnaround time

We will be intimating the client about the time period within which the translation will take place along with the quotations, once the documents are submitted to us. We put in the best effort to reduce the turnaround time, so that the delivery is faster. In some situations, though, it might extend due to an extra effort on our part for achieving the required quality.

Translation Phase

Although we have a team of highly qualified and professional translators, we also offer the choice to our clients to choose senior, certified/court certified professionals for their projects. This choice will have to be exercised by the client at the time of requesting the quote.

Mode of payment

We accept most of the popular modes of payment followed universally like cheque payments, money orders, PayPal, wire transfers, Google checkout, credit cards and cash.