Present your Software Application to the world

Our Software localisation services translate the source text of the software application into the targeted language. This makes it beneficial to sell your software in any country whose native language is different from the language in which the software application was written. We, at Ultimate Translation, make this happen by using the latest tools and technologies available on the market for such a challenging task, and present it in front of the world.

All user interfaces, programming algorithm code and reports are translated by way of the service to another language, whilst maintaining the logic of the same. We translate most of the available applications like desktop software, Web applications, client/server applications, cloud-based software and mobile applications.

Our software localisation services comprise of the following phases:

1) Design:

The translation is made keeping the country in mind while the software is going to be released.

2) Translation:

The entire programming code is translated into the targeted language of release.

3) User interface:

User interfaces are converted into the targeted language of the users.

4) Stress testing:

The conduct rigorous testing of the converted software to make the same requirements as was existing before the translation.

5) Final delivery:

This is the final phase of delivery of the translated application into the targeted geographical area of business.

We have a team of accomplished software programmers and linguistic experts to tap handle translations involving popular programming languages, in a precise and professional way, like Java, PHP, HTML, Python, C++, cold fusion, Delphi, content management systems and many more.

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