Technical Translation

We enjoyed a strong reputation in the translation business due to our high-quality technical translation services.

We employ a lot of software and other professional translation methods to transform any foreign language in an understandable way.

Why we are the best in the business

Our team consists of technical experts and language specialists. The combination helps in easily understanding what is exactly written in the original language in the technical documents and converts the same into the targeted language. Our technical experts then use their expertise to understand the technical matter of the document and suggest changes if any. Our objective is to ensure that the converted technical documentation is readily accepted by technical experts in the targeted language.

Our technical translation expertise extends to the following:

  • technical/maintenance manuals
  • automotive processes
  • software technical documentation
  • hardware technical documentation
  • electronic technical documentation
  • energy/power generation
  • industrial processes
  • scientific documentation
  • patents and reports
  • engineering manuals
  • safety manuals
  • infrastructure/construction guidelines
  • computer aided design drawings
  • technical presentations
  • bill of materials
  • audio visual multimedia