website translation

An online business extends beyond geographical barriers. Since English is not the only native language in many countries, it becomes imperative to translate websites from one language to the native language of the country to which the business is intended to extend to. My offer website translation services to translate any website into the targeted language, keeping the sales pitch of the original website.

Websites in local language are more preferred by natives of that land since they are able to attach themselves to the same language, which consequently gives them a better understanding of what products and services are being offered by the website. This helps in maintaining the brand image for multinationals and other firms were well-known for their products and services all over the world.

A disciplined and well translated website creates the right impression for the native language readers. It is also important to maintain the style and jargon which appeals based to the native leaders, since they are used to the same in their conversational style. All this has to be achieved whilst maintaining the brand image of the client as well as the website development conventions and standards.

The common reasons why website translation services are in need:

  • People’s comfort lies in interacting with a website that speaks their language
  • A recent Internet survey has proved that around 35% of Internet surfers surf websites made in their language
  • Over 50% of the world’s population speaks in its native language than English